The concept of a combined course of study and practical placement originated in Baden-Württemberg and has become a German success story which is now emulated throughout Europe. At Rohwedder, we collaborate with Germany's largest cooperative state university, the DHBW. At our company, lecture material and requirements resulting from situations in practice, complement each other perfectly. At Rohwedder, any lack of prior practical experience, will be imparted through varied assignments.

The combination of study and practical placement available at Rohwedder, is impressive in that it offers:

  • Continuous support from the practical semester, right through to the thesis
  • The direct implementation of theoretical knowledge in practice
  • Open doors for first-time employees with a sense of responsibility and creativity

Our courses of study:

Engineering, computer science (DHBW Ravensburg – Friedrichshafen campus)

  • Mechanical engineering – design or mechatronics
  • Electrical engineering – automation
  • Business engineering

Economics (DHBW Ravensburg):

  • Industry (business administration)

Our current university places:

Norbert Merkel
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Norbert Merkel
+49 75 44 502-450