Do you want to begin your professional life with technical training? We offer the best prospects for this. During your training, we impart sound basic knowledge and explain technical intricacies in accordance with the latest technology. For us, training is not of secondary importance but rather a matter which our experts hold close to their heart. Exciting projects will challenge and support our apprentices from their very first day.

As individuals, our Rohwedder apprentices will be:

  • Ready for practical work and a professional life
  • Versatile and ready to take on a wide range of tasks
  • Flexible and omnipotent, even for fields outside our company

Our occupations, which require formal training:

Trade/technical occupations requiring formal training:

  • Industrial mechanic
  • Mechatronics engineer
  • Technical product designer (previously technical drawer)

Commercial training:

  • Industrial management assistant (three years, with/without additional qualifications)

Our current training places:

Norbert Merkel
Your contact for Training
Norbert Merkel
+49 75 44 502-450